HIGH NOON, a Toronto based ceramic company, creates and designs pieces with the beauty of simplicity in mind. Using her dance background, creator Leah Lavergne draws inspiration from movement; an essential element to High Noon’s aesthetic. Whether it’s morning, noon or night, our goal is to provide pieces that bring a sense of comfort and excitement to the everyday routine.

From seed to Flower

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Our  pieces are created with various slip casting and hand building techniques, further highlighting the handmade quality of the product. You can see subtle variances of texture, pigment, and shape making each piece unique.


Each piece starts with a hand built clay sample, from which we build a plaster mold. Building a mold allows us to repeat shapes we enjoy and spend more time through the hand carving process after the pieces have been slip-casted in clay. Once each piece has set and has been carefully carved through, they are placed in the kiln for the first firing. At this stage, a paint-on glaze is applied to the bowl, and choke, and through to the mouth piece. The glazing design shows off both the raw and finished quality the clay has to offer, and provides a smooth-to-the-touch mouth piece to enhance the comfortability of smoking through a ceramic piece.